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SEWISE Industrial Endoscope used in automobile manufacturing industry


  Industry: Automobile

  Company: China's well-known automobile manufacturing company, Chinese brand automobile leader

  Service instrument: WS-F3910010 HD Mega pixel customized series industrial endoscope

  Service Scene:


  Testing condition: The inspection object is the automobile engine manufacturing department.The engine is the heart of the car, and its manufacturing quality directly affects the performance of the car. The cylinder block is used as the basic part of the engine structure and the assembly of each system, and its manufacturing schedule has an important influence on the overall performance of the engine. To improve the performance of the engine, it is necessary to control the processing quality and processing schedule of the key parts in the engine manufacturing process.

  Mainly detection defects: Stoma, lack of material, veining, burrs in the processing process, cleanliness of the clear process etc.

  Detection difficulties: Small detection space; more staggered holes,long detection duration (average observation is more than 18 hours per day), the endoscope probe is easily damaged by friction with the casting for a long time

  Solution: Using WS-F3910010 HD Mega pixel customized series industrial endoscope. 1 mega pixel pictures, even minor defects can be easily observed; Optical fiber light guide, Rear high power LED, In frequent inspections, the collision between the lens and the observation object does not affect the life of the light source, increasing the life of the endoscope probe; it is convenient to replace the pipeline and reduce the after-sales cost.

  Inspection chart:


  Summary: WS-F3910010 HD Mega pixel customized series industrial endoscope can clearly reflect the internal situation of the engine block, and can quickly detect the internal surface defects.Under the premise that this equipment can meet the visual inspection, more consideration is given to the maintenance cost of the user in the later period. Professionalism is to think and solve the problem on behalf of customers. A very satisfying cooperation.